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Alpha Moving Services -
"How We Try Our Best to Help You Relocate."

Do It Yourself or Hire a Full Service Moving Company?

You may be considering doing the move yourself. Before you make that decision you might want to consider all the cost not to mention having to do all the work yourself. You may be surprised to know we may be able to do the move for the same or less money than you would spend doing the job yourself. You must include the cost of a rental truck, insurance, gas estimated at about .50 per mile, labor to load and unload, the reliability of the rental truck and the risk of driving long distance across the country including the stops that you may make under the watch of predators looking for an opportune situation. If you are interested we would be happy to provide you with a free no obligation estimate.

Our Moving Team, Our Trucks. All Four Steps Are Handled by ALPHA MOVING AND STORAGE!









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Full Service Movers

There are two types of movers one is a Broker, and the other is a Full Service Mover. A Broker will give you an estimate and assign your job to a moving company of their choice. Brokers do not have moving trucks or a moving staff capable of relocating your belongings. They will shop around and try to find the cheapest company they can find to do the move for you. The Federal Motor Carrier will tell you that the agreement you have with the Broker will become void when the actual movers show up on move day to do your move. They will offer a new price and an entirely new contract. The promises made by the Broker will no longer apply. A Full Service Mover will send their trucks and their movers to complete the job.

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